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                         Their names are Mr. and Mrs. Chiller. 

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. Sesmar Chiller, now married to the towns new first captain  of the Special

 Police Force (SPF), decides to take a walk about. A patrol walk to monitor the town for activity  & show

 police presence. Sesmar is a plain woman of the year 3557, dressed in her normal patrol outfit.

Her gun of choice – called a “6 Shooter” didn’t fire bullets. Rather it shoots a communication directive

to the targets brain , instructing the outlaw to right his wrong. Once targeted, the outlaw response is to 

surrender and is 99% effective. 1% margin of error failure. The patrol car was produced by General 

Fusion Motors .The company was the sole survivor of car makers after the world merge. General Fusion
produced a Special car just for the local police. It even had a name: “Two Horses Head.” You had to see 

this car to  believe. Each door had replicas of two horse heads on it. The color was white. In the center 

of the hood  replica of the police captains  hat. The rear hood had a replica of the towns’ jail cell. Inside front 
there were 2 gas petals on the floor. The front seats were bucket with a center piece to hold fire 

arms of the century . The rear seat was an ordinary looking seat which holds it prisoners in place with a 

body vibration force field which no prisoner ever escaped from. The car had the capability of traveling  

over the speed of sound but slower than the speed of light.      

                                               Yes this car was:

                                                            " the Dam’est thing you ever did see”

                                                                                                                                              to contiune click the next page " On Patrol"

Copyright 2010 Peter A Antonelli
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