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Mr and Mrs
On Patrol
Super Hero
Wagon Village

A tremendous job for this population entitled to buy replacement body parts. The only 
problem, only 1 part is available to each individual, for each  of their body parts. A second copy has
not been developed to function. Manzar is working on a new replacement part. One that is solid as 
steel, flexible as rubber and soft as human skin. Its combination is missing a key element. The 
combining process is not successful and Manzar must keep experimenting to combine the discovery into
a workable replacement part which would never wear out.

Its 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon as Sesmar returns home. She is driving the patrol car (Two
Horses Head) and parks in the driveway. She enters the lab where Manzar is experimenting on his 
combining process. The lab is protected by a force field which cannot be penetrated by time travelers.
Only key people, with the proper body vibrations  code can enter and leave without harm. Anyone else
who comes in contact with the force field is frozen in animation suspension.  

Suddenly, there is a burst of light!  ..............  B O O M !   Raiders for the “Last Century Underworld” 
called  “ L C U B’s” have begun an attack on Dr. Chiller’s lab. Their leader is named Jimmy Shoes.
Again a burst of light!  and a thunderous  sound……..  B O O M !!!  The LCUB’s (pronounced
L   CUBS )  attack. The force field is broken and an explosion within the lab takes place-
B O O M !.  The backup force field ignites and surrounds the lab and propels it forward in 
time to escape the attack. The attack is broken off. Manzar and Sesmar are injured.
The lab is now traveling in time with Manzar and Sesmar lying on the floor. Suddenly,
Looking up, they see him………………………………Standing tall ! Formed by the explosion 
in the lab :  

        THE EXTERNAL  – TIMBIL CHILLER. Formed by a substance solid as steel,
Flexible as human skin –fused together by forward time travel, the External -   TimbilChiller   IS    BORN